Makabe is the place to have comprehensive training programs held for street children, it is a long term training programs. After assessing each children area of interest, we provided a space for vocational skill training to enhance their knowledge and skills in various activities such as:

Children with a lot of enthusiasm, positive attitude and dynamic approach selected the course of their own interest to learn and obtain new skills in order to become experts in the relevant skill. After learning life skills, they have strengthened their personal and social relation with others to be self-reliant.

Govt has recognized the course as VETA, that means it is a qualified certificate course for two years in carpentry and tailoring. At present we have 80 children are in child in the sun vocational centres. Enhance frequent sitting with children, it is very easy for social worker to intervene the child, individual and group counseling is performed continuously to prepare the boys do the training well. Carpentry and tailoring gives more important to children, because these courses were recognized by the Government of Tanzania. It has its own value, with regards to that our children will get more benefit out of these training in the society


There is a maize grinding mill,and the boys are trained on how to use it.


The carpentry sted has recently been rennovated The children are trained to make basic furnitures such as chairs and tables


The boys also are taught and assisted with welding skills.


The boys also are taught and assisted with masonry skills.


Class are offered on tailoring the boys tailor from casual clothes to school clothes for both boys and girls


There 2KC Modern driving school trains the boys on aspects of driving skills, where they are taught to drive cars and make them ready for them to undertake the license test


The boys are offered computer classes were they learn the basics.


The boys take care of animals from cows to pigs and chicken