Child in the sun children has undergone life skill training and the training helped children to improve their self-esteem level. It's about 90% of the children have gained and enhanced their knowledge and skills in this program. This program has been conducted once in a week for different groups of children to promote their ego strengthening and psycho-social status. Doctors, nurses, professionals from various sectors have come and provided training on personality development, decision making, team work, marketing skills, goal setting, stress management, self-responsibility, character building and etc. to empower their personal, social and economical status in the society with their due respect. Expected learning outcomes include a combination of knowledge, values, attitudes and skills with a particular emphasis on those skills that related to critical thinking and problem solving, self-management, communication and inter-personal development skills.

Psychological support

Counseling is the major stools to support the children care and develop their carrier in the centre. To develop core activities, the counselor has to concentrate and provide space for this progress in physical, mental and social development. Physical development is to increase the level of activities like outdoor games, indoor games and garden works and etc. Mental development is to improve their knowledge so that they have program like skills training, vocational training and counseling. Social development is to come out with joy and happiness, to have the activities like outing, exposure visit and awareness program for the community and net work with families and school interaction. Here frequent sitting is more helpful for our social worker to intervene the child, individual and group counseling performed continuously to prepare the boys do the training successfully.

Sports Activities