Manzese is a drop in centre, temporary shelter for street children. Social Worker and field staffs recruit the children directly from the street. Nowadays in Dar es Salaam Street Children are increasing morbolesly. Sometimes through some Good Samaritans, networking with NGOs and the Social Welfare Offices we get these children to our centre. If we identify the child, the child will send to Manzese drop in centre for rehabilitation process. First we provide basic needs like bathing, cloth, food and shelter. The counselor will interact with the children; to get information about the child. In centre we use to get different kinds of children from street. It is the duty of social worker has to understand the needs and provide proper guidance to these children. The right based education creates awareness about various Govt programs, law and order of the society and respect for the other. This awareness program also will reduce the crime rate, theft and robbery in the city. The day class will start at 9 am till 12 pm. The participants will be reunified at the end of their program. If any boy wants to be reunified with their family means social worker will do necessary support to help the children to go home and stay with their families.